The ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) charset is used to represent letters, numbers and control signals in information processing systems like computers. Each character is assigned to a 7-bit number, so a total of 128 character are encoded in ASCII. Modern character encoding systems like Unicode support many more symbols (e.g. emojis), but most of them are based on the ASCII code. The first edition of the charset was published in 1963 and included all digits, letters and punctuation symbols of the english language and 33 control codes.

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Extended ASCII Table (Windows-1252)

There are many extended versions of the ASCII character sets to 8-bit, which add additional commonly used characters from different languages (like €, µ, ü, ¼) to the charset and are fully backward competile with the default 7-bit ASCII charset. Windows-1252 is the most used one, which is shown in the table below.

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